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Our Platform's Objective

“What Ways Do You Like to Use Technology to Enable Teaching and Learning?” For this question, today’s tech-aware educators are focused on engaging students, learning about new tools, and enabling active learning.

Schoolrate main objective top selections are Better Engaging Students, Communication, Collaborative Activities, Letting Students Create Content and Teaching Specific Technology Skills.

Interestingly, the choices with the lowest rankings are: Preparing students for Careers and practicing reading and writing.

Our Platform's main goal

Schoolrate is an Open education platform running in the cloud in a collective term to describe institutional practices and programmatic initiatives that broaden access to the learning and training offered through formal education systems.

The qualifier "open" refers to the elimination of barriers that can preclude both opportunities and recognition for participation in institution-based learning. One aspect of openness or "opening up" education is the development and adoption of open educational resources.

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