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Advanced Physics



This course introduces the fundamental elements of electrical and magnetic phenomena, optics and wave optics, thermodynamics, mechanics as well as selected modern physics topics. Materials are introduced through lectures, workshops and laboratory exercises.


Physics is the study of the laws of nature that govern the behavior of the universe, from the smallest sub-atomic particles to the universe itself. It applies these laws to the solution of practical and theoretical problems and to the development of new technologies.

What these definitions indicate is that physics deals with the properties of matter and energy and the relationship between them. It also tries to explain the material world and the natural phenomena of the universe. Advanced physics relies upon Calculus to mathematically represent motion and acceleration. Physics is the underlying foundation, which explains processes in Chemistry.

Course objective

The Advanced Physics specialization builds on majors in either Physics or Theoretical Physics to provide a broader and deeper mastery of Physics. This will enable students to understand a greater variety of physical phenomena at an increased level of sophistication. Students who complete the Advanced Physics specialization will therefore have an increased range of career and academic options.

Key Features

While there are more branches sprouting up as science and technology progresses, this course covers the following.

· Classical physics

· Modern physics

· Nuclear physics

· Classical Mechanics

· Acoustics

· Optics

· Thermodynamics